No Mixtapes in Lansing 008 – Snow I

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(71mb). Episode eight of No Mixtapes in Lansing is Part I of The Snow Trilogy™. The mix features Captain Beefheart, Belle and Sebastian, DEVO, The Dismemberment Plan, Tindersticks, The Autumn Defense, Clearlake, They Might Be Giants, Woody Guthrie and more. Ctrl-Click [mac] or Right-Click [pc] to download the file to your computer. Enjoy this one and tune in for parts II and III.

PS. The Snow Trilogy™ is not really trademarked…

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  1. David Baldwin

    That was a fantastic mix- very artfully done, and with some seamless transitions. I used an iPad with Shazam to help identify songs. I learned about some great new stuff. Thanks!

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