NMIL030 – Guest Mixtapes in Lansing – Jeremy Rapp

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(60mb). I’m very excited to introduce episode number 30 of No Mixtapes in Lansing. It is the first in this series to be created by someone other than me…I’m not-so-cleverly naming these mixes Guest Mixtapes in Lansing. We’re heading out from Lansing to Washington State with Jeremy Rapp and his mix of summer tracks. Here’s what Jeremy has to say about the mix.

This mix represents some of my favorite summer day music. Starting about mid-June here in Seattle, summer weather takes over, and it’s 75 degrees and sunny for the next three months. It’s a great time of year to sit with the windows open in the evening, and spin some records. This is what you’ll find me listening to. There’s an added emphasis on tracks that feature the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. See if you can spot the diverse musical stylings of that great band sprinkled throughout the list.

The mix features tracks from Jimmy Cliff, Otis Rush, George Harrison, Gene Parsons, Dave Mason, Bobby Charles and more! Check it out! Ctrl-Click [mac] or Right-Click [pc] to download the file to your computer. Enjoy!



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