No Mixtapes in Lansing 048 – March

Download Audio: Closed Format: MP3

(91mb). No Mixtapes in Lansing is back and now features an iOS-only workflow! This and all future mixes will be created completely on iPhones or iPads. The workflow currently features Dropbox, Beatmaker 2 and Audio Mastering. The only part of this process I do outside iOS is the post-production…(mp3 tagging, resampling to smaller kbs and the uploading) although in the future I’d like that to change…Expect iOS mixes like this one every few weeks with regular un-themed episodes, featured episodes and special guest mixtapes!

Episode 48, entitled ‘March,’ celebrates the month by a series of songs related by title. It features The Meters, The Carter Family, Jan Garbarek, Iron Maiden, Andrew Bird, Akira Ifukube, Funkadelic, David Byrne and much more! Ctrl-Click [mac] or Right-Click [pc] to download the file to your computer. Enjoy!

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