KICKSTARTER for “Mike Vasas III”

What Is This About?

I’ve launched this Kickstarter campaign because I’m hoping to physically release the first of three new self-titled records.

While I’ve never been a fan of genre labels, I would describe the common sound of these records as soul and R&B with funk, jazz and pop. Since I’m releasing three self-titled records, I feel like these records represent my sound…something I’m proud to put my name on.

The first record to be released from the trilogy will be “Mike Vasas III.”

The Goal:

I’ve launched this Kickstarter campaign because I’d like to physically release “Mike Vasas III” with a very limited vinyl run, and also digitally release the record with bonus tracks and additional material.

You can support my projects by helping make this first record in the trilogy a reality. I will launch future Kickstarter campaigns for the other two records in the trilogy.

About The Record:

“Mike Vasas III” is a true solo affair. I sing and play all the instruments including guitars, antique and thrift store keyboards, desktop computer software and notably the iPad, which has a truly staggering array of music production apps. Many of the songs feature instruments and effects found in the iOS environment. Although the record’s songs are written, I continue work on its production even as you read this.

The full song list for the record is as follows:

1. Slowing & Wispy Breeze
2. Square Toes
3. Wartime
4. Lulu
5. Kids Of The Magenta
6. Entanglement Song
7. My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less
8. The Stonehouse
9. Scot & Lot
10. Stackalee
11. The Sleep Of Reason
12. Living Room Floor

The artwork for the record is still being developed, but the image found in this Kickstarter campaign will play prominently in the final artwork. Leading up to the announcement of this Kickstarter, I shared some hints about the idea of a trilogy that also tease the concepts behind some of the songs. Here are a few of those hints:


What You Can Get As Backer:

Besides having the pleasure of supporting an independent musician, there are many special rewards for backers of this project at various levels, including bonus tracks, T-shirts, stickers, a live solo piano performance recording, and even the instrumental mix of the record. Instrumental mixes are very important because the groove in the music should stand on its own…plus you can dance and sing to it!

At the highest levels of financial support, there are rewards that include signed prints of album-related artwork, handwritten lyrics, a cassette dubbing of the record for those who enjoy that sort of thing and even a live performance at your home.

A Brief Bio:

I’ve been writing and recording music for 20 years. I’ve released 47 records, including 24 released as part of my “Songs Not By Me” project in which I recorded and released a free cover song every day in 2010. I enjoy jingle-writing and making mixtapes.

Here’s a Q&A I did for the media a few years ago which makes reference to a “future project” that eventually evolved into the self-titled trilogy.

From 2005 to 2011, I was in a rock band called “Mike Vasas and The Beasts of Burden.” We released two records and performed at venues big (The Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan) and small (Walmart Parking Lot of Plainwell, Michigan). Live performances can be a lot of fun, but my heart has always been in making records. That’s where something like Kickstarter can really help a musician like me who prefers recording music.

I appreciate all the support you can give me for this first record in the trilogy and look forward to sharing “Mike Vasas III” with my backers.


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