KICKSTARTER for “Mike Vasas III”

What Is This About? I’ve launched this Kickstarter campaign because I’m hoping to physically release the first of three new self-titled records. While I’ve never been a fan of genre labels, I would describe the common sound of these records as soul and R&B with funk, jazz and pop. Since I’m releasing three self-titled records, … [Read more…]


When Life is Young: a collection of verse for boys and girls

CHALLENGE! Instead of having you guess the words, I’ve given you the words from the visual hints. Now…using the first letter of each word put them in the right order to tell me the surprise message. Verification answer and “Special Announcement” on Monday.

New Record? Last hint.


New Record Hint #9. This is the last hint. Each hint represents a different letter…no letters are used twice. It creates a message. Coming soon…I’ll put the pics in order and then the secret message will/may reveal itself to you. I’ll reveal the answer on Monday.

New Record?


New record coming soon? Here’s the eighth hint. Only one more hint and then it’s time for you to try to figure out what the nine hints mean.